Working with Remodeling Consultants

Remodeling Consultants is a Chicago, IL based general contractor specializing in Residential and Commercial remodeling. Our residential services focus on remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, living spaces and all phases of interior and exterior remodeling work.

Remodeling Consultants has years of experience working in high rise residential condominium buildings in the Chicago-land area. 

Remodeling Consultants also specializes in Commercial Remodeling of restaurants, offices and build-outs of all commercial spaces.  

Here is what you can expect when working with Remodeling Consultants:

  • Exclusive Total Control System Ensures 100% Satisfaction
    Remodeling Consultants' unique Total Control System is an exclusive method of professionally managing your project from start to finish...with attention to detail every step of the way. This innovative approach assures you total satisfaction with your project.

  • We Understand Your Needs -- And Respond To Them
    After discussing specific goals and requirements with you, our team of experts will carefully detail what's required to construct your project, how we'll complete it, along with all costs involved before an agreement is signed. You'll know exactly what will be done, and what the final price will be.

  • Our Professional Staff Puts It All Together For You
    We know the industry inside and out (Remodeling Consultants is a member of NARI® -- the National Association of the Remodeling Industry®). And because our architectural consultants, project managers, and production personnel have years of remodeling experience, we know the smartest and most cost-efficient way of handling your remodeling project. Plus, we bring creative ideas into every design, making your once-in-a-lifetime project something you'll always be proud of.

  • Best of All: You'll Enjoy A Worry-Free Project
    We have the experience and knowledge of how to design, construct, and manage virtually any type of remodelling project, so you won't have to worry about making sure the job's being done right. You'll feel good knowing that you can devote 100% of your time to business or personal activities.

  • We've Built A Reputation For Excellence
    It's a reputation we've worked hard for, and we're proud of our strong record of repeat customers and personal referrals.

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